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While oral medications can be effective for many patients struggling with depression, they may not work for everyone. Depending on the patient, TMS can be considered as an alternative to oral medications or used in a complementary fashion.

TMS should be considered as a possible treatment option in the following scenarios:

  • 4-6 week trial of at least one oral antidepressant
  • Limited response to current medication regimen
  • Preference for non-medication options
  • Intolerance to side effects of oral medications

How Do I Sign Up?

All patients will require an initial consultation with one of our Psychiatrists, Dr. Phillip Bowman or Dr. Seema Calip. This can be arranged through our TMS Coordinator, Lidia Jimenez. During this evaluation, we will review how depression has impacted quality of life, current and past medication trials, other medical issues that may influence or be contraindicated in TMS treatment and possible alternative treatment options.

The First Treatment Session – What to Expect

During the first treatment session TMS settings will be determined under the guidance of a board certified psychiatrist. They will determine the correct placement of the treatment coil and the energy settings of the magnetic field, which will be unique to each patient. The pulses will be directed to the front part of the brain, in an area known as the Dorsal Lateral Prefrontal Cortex (DLPFC).

Once the settings have been determined, the TMS device will deliver a series of MRI-strength magnetic pulses. The pulses make an audible clicking sound and patients may experience a mild tapping sensation on their scalp.

The pulses are rapidly administered over a fixed amount of time (40 pulses over 4 seconds, spaced out by a 11 second pulse-free interval). One treatment session involves 3000 pulses, administered over a time period of approximately 20 minutes.

Patients are awake the entire time and are able to watch TV, read or listen to music throughout the course of treatment.


TMS Center of Beverly Hills is an In-Network provider for Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California and Cigna.


Please contact our TMS Coordinator, Lidia Jimenez, at 310-276-4003 for any questions regarding cost and to determine if insurance coverage for TMS is available to you.