“My family has a history of depression and I’ve suffered from it for years. I have been in therapy for most of my life and on medications for around 20 years. After years of treatment, with seemingly no hope to end the despondency, it was mentioned to me that I might respond positively to TMS. I was scared during the first few treatments and didn’t know what to expect. Doing TMS was a huge leap of faith and the staff made every effort to make me as comfortable as possible. Over the course of treatment, I started to notice a desire to do something – anything – other than lay on the couch. I was anxious to do more with my weekend and started thinking more about the future. After finishing the treatment, I remained optimistic. I was pleased to have noticed a difference in my mood. The hopelessness seemed to have receded and I felt hope for my future. Several weeks after completing the last treatment, I am still optimistic and encouraged by the amount of energy I have.” – J.A.

“I am not in that place right now that I was in prior to starting TMS. I am functioning again and I don’t feel like the walls are coming in on me. My family has definitely noticed a difference. A few months ago on Mother’s day we took some family pictures. My daughter didn’t even send them to me. She said ‘Your eyes are so sad Mom.’ This past weekend, we took some more family pictures and my daughter compared the two pictures. She said, ‘You are different, you don’t look that way anymore, like you did on mother’s day. Your eyes aren’t sad anymore.’” – O.T.

“I was a hot mess. I was on two antidepressants and I wasn’t getting any better. I was going downhill and I didn’t want to be a slave to the pills anymore. TMS was the next step for getting better for me and I was very excited. Right away I noticed a difference. It was a combination of keeping Dr. Bowman’s daily self care log and wanting it to work. I ate right and also started therapy. With the TMS treatment in combination with therapy I am finding I am coping better and I feel like I can handle what life hands me. I am not on half the dose of Cymbalta that I was on and not feeling like such a slave to the medications. I am very happy with the results and I would do it again.” – M.W.

“I was desperate and at a dead end. I wasn’t able to handle my responsibilities. I was scared when I initially decided to go ahead with it but after a few sessions I realized there was nothing to be afraid of. The daily logs were very important for me in the treatment. They made me look at my life and be more accountable. About the fifth week of treatment I was functioning more and my increased level of activity and change in behavior was noticeable to my friends and family. Soon after that there was an improvement in my feelings. My functioning has now greatly increased and friend and family have noticed the improvement and I am better able to handle my responsibilities.” – L.M.

“My depression was my life and controlled everything that I did and mostly what I didn’t do. Right before I started TMS I was at rock bottom. I didn’t want to leave my house ever. I had no desire or energy to do anything. I believe it was crucial that I came to every TMS session and never missed one. I was never a big ‘committer’ and never really followed things through, but TMS gave me a purpose to get out of the house and get well. I did not let my depression keep me from coming to treatment sessions and being present in the healing process. I started seeing a change in myself about half way through treatment. The turning point was when I was able to make a to-do list. I was always a ‘list maker’ before the depression hit. Once I started feeling better with TMS treatment, I was able to start crossing off simple tasks like ‘sweep the porch’ from my list. This gave me a great sense of pride and showed me I was beginning to win back control of my life. When I completed my TMS treatment I was a happy soul. I was relieved that I was able to follow through and complete all the TMS sessions and was extremely happy that it was working. TMS helped me get out of myself. I now look better, feel better and am optimistic about my life for the past 5 months since completing my TMS treatments.” – J.W.